A turbocharger has been designed to fulfill the requirements of medium speed marine engines, 900 kW output power at nominal operation point. The main objective of the design was to meet the requirements of engine power and increased engine operating range. This must be achieved by improving the degree of aerodynamic efficiency and the pressure ratio. The design was performed by the two stages. First, quasi-two dimensional program code was used to determine the main geometry of the compressor. Second, the detailed geometries of compressor blade were completed by using a three dimensional fluid flow analysis. The analyzed performance results were compared with the experimental data for the verification of their validity. Also, the designed three different impeller exits allow for a substantial performance variation. Increased compression ratio and mass flow rate of new optimized impeller were 10.08 and 27.3 percent higher than those of origin impeller, respectively. This simple change of design parameter offers considerable advantages to customers when upgrading their engines.

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