In an effort to provide predictions for hot annulus ingestion flows across turbine rim seals into rotor-stator wheel-space cavities, this paper describes a parametric single gap turbine rim seal model, which contains of several different sub- or part-models. Annulus pressure variations are the underlying mechanism driving ingestion. Some of the sub-models are matched to published experimental results. The model results are compared with measurements from different test rigs. The proposed model calculates the annulus boundary conditions based on geometric, mean turbine aerodynamic and performance parameters for the rim seal under consideration. Special attention is paid to the modelling of the flow stagnation upstream of airfoils as a row of half-bodies and the local seal gap discharge coefficient in order to assess the flow distribution through the rim seal. Mixing zones are accounted by a mixing cascade modelling. The peak pressure attenuation behaviour around the seal is considered. Sensitivity studies, e.g. for the impact of annulus boundary layer thickness, are performed.

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