A gas-turbine cogeneration system with a regenerative air preheater and a single-pressure exhaust gas boiler serves as an example for application of CHP Plant. This CHP plant which can provide 30 MW of electric power and 14kg/s saturated steam at 20 bars. The plant is comprised of a gas turbine, air compressor, combustion chamber, and air pre-heater as well as a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). The design Parameters of the plant, were chosen as: compressor pressure ratio (re), compressor isentropic efficiency (ηac), gas turbine isentropic efficiency (ηgt), combustion chamber inlet temperature (T3), and turbine inlet temperature (T4). In order to optimally find the design parameters a thermoeconomic approach has been followed. An objective function, representing the total cost of the plant in terms of dollar per second, was defined as the sum of the operating cost, related to the fuel consumption. Subsequently, different pars of objective function have been expressed in terms of decision variables. Finally, the optimal values of decision variables were obtained by minimizing the objective function using Evolutionary algorithm such as Genetic Algorithm. The influence of changes in the demanded power on the design parameters has been also studied for 30, 40 MW of net power output.

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