In this contribution the conceptual development of a two-speed transmission utilizing coupling elements based on magnetorheological fluids (MRF) will be presented. The transmission concept is based on a mechanical power split. The transmission ratios are optimized for an appropriate utilization of MRF coupling elements. This transmission concept can be applied in several applications, like vehicles or industrial use. Besides, the electrical feeding power of the coupling elements will be investigated for certain scenarios considering the proposed transmission concept. MRF coupling elements provide a highly dynamical and continuously adjustable torque transmission. In combination with the MR fluid movement control to avoid viscous losses, a very energy efficient operation in contrast to conventional coupling elements can be achieved. For a reduction of the weight, space and feeding energy also a novel design with serpentine flux guidance will be introduced. Due to this design, combined arrangements of MRF coupling elements can be achieved, to create a very compact dual coupling element for the proposed transmission concept.

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