The precise control of curing reaction parameters allows a better crosslinking polymer. Modeling and optimization of this process require a correct kinetic of curing model. The kinetics of the crosslinking reaction is studied for the ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) synthetic elastomer by movile die rheometer (MDR). The kinetic parameters of reaction were calculated from Kamal-Ryan, Sestak-Berggren, and the Isayev-Deng methods at different temperatures. An Arrhenius-type function for the order of reaction n is introduced to improve the adjusting. A comparative study of Sestak-Berggren and Isayev-Deng models was made to validate and determine which model best describes the behavior of vulcanization. The best approximation was obtained with the model Isayev-Deng. Finally, taking the model with the best fit, a graphical and analytical description of the cure kinetics was developed. The order of reaction is predicted to better establishment of processing time. It was noted that for EPDM at higher temperatures, the increase of the rate of reaction occurs in short period of time, which could cause premature curing if the supply system is inadequate.

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