In order to improve dexterity and tactile feedback during grasping in laparoscopic surgery, a pressure-sensing, ergonomic laparoscopic grasper with parallel motion grasper jaws has been designed, prototyped, and tested to provide surgeons with a safer and more user-friendly instrument than what is currently available. Parallel motion grasping creates a uniform pressure distribution along the length of the grasper jaws. Moreover, a pressure sensor located in one of the grasper jaws helps surgeons control the pressure applied during grasping. Ease-of-use of the grasper was enhanced through ergonomic handle design. Results from force and motion testing of a 2x prototype of the design were consistent with analytical predictions. These improvements demonstrate that this new laparoscopic grasper can both improve the dexterity of grasping tasks and reduce the incidence of tissue injury during laparoscopic surgery.