The present work examines the convective heat transfer characteristics in a 2-D corrugated closed cavity embedded with porous media. The cavity is considered to be filled with silver dispersed water based nano-fluid. The bottom wall is heated uniformly as well as non-uniformly in two different cases keeping both side corrugated walls isothermally cold with adiabatic top wall. The various parameters are selected to perform numerical simulation in the range of solid volume fraction, 0% ≤ ϕ ≤ 10%, 103Ra ≤ 106, 10-4Da = 10-2. The investigation shows that heat transfer rate shows increasing trend at high values of Ra and Da owing to strong values of buoyancy forces in case of uniform as well as non-uniform heating. But, an increase in heat transfer in uniform heating is more compared to non-uniform heating. It is also observed that the nano-fluid has a great impact on the heat transfer characteristics due to its high value of thermal conductivity and random motion of the particles. As a result, the average Nusselt number(Nuavg) shows an increasing trend for increasing values of solid volume fraction.

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